Computer Systems Move to the Cloud

Big tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon have had years of managing large data centers and they have perfected the art.  Now they are offering to rent some of this data management services to smaller business, allowing them to focus on what they do rather than worrying about their network.  Computer systems move to the cloud freeing business owners from the worries of security vulnerabilities and backup system, instead their data is protected.

Computer Systems Move to the Cloud

Cloud infrastructure is becoming more popular and here are some of the reasons that small business owners and IT professionals are taking advantages of the cloud platform.


One of the perks of cloud platforms is that you only pay for what you use.  If you need to increase the amount of data storage it’s incredibly easy and you are only every charged for the data resources that you are using.  You are never going to pay for empty storage or things that you won’t use.  This makes scaling incredible easy and you’re never left buying more than you need, this is ideal for growing companies that have to closely watch cash flow.  Here is a look at how easily you can scale.


Not only are cloud resources scalable and more cost effective they have proven to be very reliable as well.  Microsoft, Google and Amazon all have multiple systems with built in redundancies so that should a server crash your applications and data are all automatically transferred and running on another data center.

Integration with Other Tools

In the case of Microsoft and Google their platforms integrate seamlessly with their own products.  With Microsoft Azure you can easily integrate Office 365 or just Outlook if you prefer.  Google allows you to do the same thing with their products such as Gmail or any of their other tools.

More and more companies are moving their IT infrastructure to a cloud based platform for the ease at which their systems can grow as the company does. The cost is far lower than trying to put together your own IT infrastructure.  This is particularly a great advantage for start ups who are focused on growth. The security on cloud based systems are far better than what you have the resources to do on your own.

You don’t have to move your entire infrastructure over to the cloud you can move file storage or the accounting software.  The reason that computer systems move to the cloud is because of the convenience.